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Post a Job

Employers, Consultants, Recruiters & employment agencies welcome to our job portal which is Simple! Secure! very Effective! once you buy the job credit you have six months to post any job, All Jobs will be posted for 180 days on this website and after this period jobs will be removed automatically or you can remove before the expiry date from the website if the vacancy is filled or you have any other reason to do so.

Our price is $69.99 $19.99 Canadian dollars per job posting.

Instant payment & Instant job post.
If you want to pay by e-Transfer then please contact us.

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  • $59.99 GST for 3 jobs listed for 180 days

  • $159.99 GST for 10 jobs listed for 180 days

  • $329.99 GST for 25 jobs listed for 180 days

  • $19.99 GST for 1 job listed for 180 days